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Valor Brass recording with Arts Laureate

Valor Brass recording with Arts Laureate

This month's track is a favorite march of the quintet, St. Julien.  Recording and video was produced by our friends at Arts Laureate.  Check out their fantastic work HERE.


August Track of the Month!  Valor recorded another new work by Jeff Bauer this summer - fun piece and great for a recital program!  Subscribe HERE to Track of the Month and receive a new track emailed to you, free, each month!  Find more of Jeff's music at Art of Sound Music.

May, 2017

Our May track is a classic collection of Renaissance era pieces, many of them dance forms, in a classic arrangement for brass quintet by Elgar Howarth.  This particular recording is from a recital we performed at Washington College, in Chestertown, Maryland, March, 2017.  We've made the music free and downloadable for your enjoyment!

June, 2017

This beautiful interlude from Crossing Brooklyn Ferry shares it's name with the Walt Whitman poem from Leaves of Grass, which is based on a ferry ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, in the spot where the Brooklyn Bridge would eventually be built.